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The main draw is the famous aquarium, a vast complex of backlighted tanks containing countless species of fish, crab, and eel.

Jardin Exotique de MonacoSix hundred varieties of payday loans no credit check cacti and succulents cling to a sheer rock face at Monaco's cash loans Tropical Garden, cash loans brisk half-hour walk west from the palace. The garden traces its roots to days when Monaco's near-tropical climate nurtured unheard-of exotica, amazing visitors from the northlands as much as any zoo.

The plants are of less interest today, especially to Americans familiar with southwestern flora. The views over the Rock and coastline, however, are spectacular. Also on the grounds, or actually under them, are the Grottes de l'Observatoire -spectacular grottoes and caves adrip with stalagmites and spotlit with fairy lights. NMNM houses two museums, each of which hosts two exhibitions a year.

The Villa Paloma (next door to the Jardin Exotique) was recently restored with fabulous stained-glass windows. Palais PrincierThe famous Rock, crowned by the palace where the royal family resides, stands west of Monte Carlo. An audio guide leading you through this sumptuous chunk of history, first built in the 13th century and expanded and enhanced over the centuries, reveals an extravagance of 16th- and 17th-century frescoes, as well as tapestries, gilt furniture, and paintings on a grand scale.

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